Double Trouble Foot
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3186

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I cannot wait to try this! Dealing with ankle/foot/calf/hip problems for a while now and have been doing lots of foot classes to help improve things and this looks like the perfect class for me. I don't own a foot corrector but have been using both parameter minis and massage balls to approximate it.

I hope there are many more Kathryn Ross Nash/Dana Santiago classes. What a blast!

Thanks so much for this class!
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Hope you don't mind a second comment. I actually just did the class with my parasetter minis and WOW! I used muscles I didn't know I had! This will be a "once a weeker" for me. Hurts so good! Thanks so much for your excellence and gift for teaching!
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Ever so great; just like anything else that KRN proposes:) Thankyou:)
we were sore all weekend LOL
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I apologize to Dana SANTI...autocorrect.
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Y'all look like you're doing the Ole Soft Shoe in the outtake freeze frame! Just missing your Top Hats! Such joy to see friends sharing a workout and by extension all of us! Kathi - is there a link to find the particular foot correctors you 2 scallywags are using? Thanks and blessings to you both!
Quick internet search Dorothy shows they are by Balanced Body for $175
Joni they are not the same and too soft... I will look for lineage and Gratz link- I haven't tried pilates designs yet
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Love it.
I can't even imagine how sore I'd be after all that!!!
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