Double Trouble Foot
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3186

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Thank you! I will email Russell. Cheers!
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I just did this this morning...swipe this workout to the right! LOVE it!!!
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Hello, could you let me know where i can buy the Lineage Foot Corrector? Thank you.
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Great work ladies i was so excited to try your workout because i broke three bones in my leg & ankle a few yrs ago And there is still weakness in my ankle I tried ordering a foot correctors from gratz
But they are all sold out ..would balance bodies’ foot corrector be better than nothing? Thanks
Marylyon In La Grange Illinois
(Hi dana hope to see you soon
In your new location ) xxoo
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I desperately need a class like this but unfortunately don't have access to a foot corrector. I wish an alternative was given so I could take part too. I've tried it on a towel and a yoga mat rolled up but I don't think it's getting much of an effect.
Marna Honey so sorry- but there isn't anything you can really use to replace the foot correctors... they are complex
Kathryn Ross-Nash - I just started working with someone with neuropathy in their feet for the first time. Footwork on reformer resonated. I can see we have a long way to go. What type of foot corrector would you recommend at this time as the client is relatively weak due to lack of exercise. Would love your thoughts. Thank you.
Nancy this is for a strong student. I recommend consulting her doctor to see what she is able and allowed to do first. As for foot correctors- I use Lineage and Gratz
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such valuable info. thanks and love you!
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Hilarious Love it
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