Challenging Mat Flow<br>Dana Santi<br>Class 3195

Challenging Mat Flow
Dana Santi
Class 3195

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After almost a week of filming new Pilates videos in NYC (lots of sitting), with little chance or energy to do anything (Pilates or otherwise) afterwards, I appreciate and love your invitation to move ugly. Thank you for reminding me to release the pressure valve on the impossible attempt at perfection, in all areas of life.
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Loved it! So challenging ! Loved the legs apart - very hard! Thank you!
Alison H
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What a great class, challanging and inspiring
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I love your class. 25 mins blitz. Great adaptions and variations and cues. I will use this to help me get stronger as I need it!! xx
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Loved this short efficient mat workout. Excellent video!
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Wow...what a class!!!
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I have no idea why, maybe all the ab work and the back flexion from the rolls, and the neck pull, but that really reduced sciatic nerve pain from a long drive! Bravo!
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Hello abs! I actually did much better in the open leg rocker with my legs wide. That was fun thank you and I loved it when you said "looks easy but hurts like hell".
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How awesome to throw perfection to the side and focus on flowing through movement. Legs apart is so much harder! Thank you!
This was so much fun!
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