Advanced Mixed Equipment<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3200

Advanced Mixed Equipment
Meredith Rogers
Class 3200

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Love, love, love!! Really fab work - it felt great just to watch, cant wait to try!!
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I loved watching Meredith teach, observe the body, correct, cue, all of it. For me, in addition to being a fabulous workout, it was very valuable from a teaching perspective.
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Gorgeous class! Agree with Jennifer - love, love, love! Great cues and flow.
Thank you all!
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Wonderful! Challenging to do and I loved watching your touch cues for alignment.
Michele M
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Thank you for such an amazing practice!! I loved going from the ladder barrel to the chair and ending on the barrel, fantastic sequence and cueing!:)
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Great class Meredith, you are such a good and caring instructor.
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I love this Meredith! So good to see some classes on other equipment t
Thanks everyone! I so appreciate you taking time to share your feedback.
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Beautiful session! Thank you Meredith! I agree with Amber, so great to see classes on the other equipment!
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