Find the Best in Your Worst<br>Kathy Corey<br>Workshop 3207

Find the Best in Your Worst
Kathy Corey
Workshop 3207

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Fabulous cues and teaching tips Kathy Corey thanks so much!! I love your core band and use it often in my matwork classes with great results!
Thank you so much Kathy! It was amazing ! It is really exploring the essence of Pilates
Thank you very much. I love these types of classes.
Dear Kathy what a fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much. I could also listen to you from morning till night and learning learning and learning... I guided my client with also stiff low back using the same steps...and it worked!!! Thank you! I'm your absolute admirer and one of those lucky ones having followed many of your workshops in real. Lots of love and admiration, Olga
Taryn Upchurch
A great deal of practical Pilates wisdom was presented here. Thank you!
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Thank you. I really enjoy teaching this way!
Costanza B
Really impressed with your deep knowledge, Kathy! Thank you for sharing it with us!
This workshop is amazing! Love the variations with the trapeze and the roll down with the roll up bar on top of the head and the legs crossed. Loved the revelation in my body. Thank you!
Thanks so much!!!
Just fabulous! Loved every minute of this workshop.
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