Strong Mat Variations<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 3231

Strong Mat Variations
Brett Howard
Class 3231

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Wow! Great class! interesting challenging variations and i love your sense of humor)
.....yes !!!!... Made it to the end .....with a couple of quick 'rests' middle of abs and teaser ...nuf said !! 😂
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Awesome flow, humor & adjustments.
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Leg circles with other leg extended mid air is tough!
loved the variations and transitions - well done to the guys and thank you Brett - always make watching fun
Great class Brett. Thank you for all you do for our pilates community
Wow ! Great class , challenging but very enjoyable. Thank you Brett for some great variations.
Love your cueing and creative variations Brett, thank you for another amazing class!
Sharon O
Thank you!! Awesome step up variations or long (challenging) holds. Great class great cues and great sense of humor!
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Wow. Amazing and challenging. Thank you ☺️
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