Strong Mat Variations
Brett Howard
Class 3231

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Wow! Great class! interesting challenging variations and i love your sense of humor)
.....yes !!!!... Made it to the end .....with a couple of quick 'rests' middle of abs and teaser ...nuf said !! 😂
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Awesome flow, humor & adjustments.
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Leg circles with other leg extended mid air is tough!
loved the variations and transitions - well done to the guys and thank you Brett - always make watching fun
Great class Brett. Thank you for all you do for our pilates community
Wow ! Great class , challenging but very enjoyable. Thank you Brett for some great variations.
Love your cueing and creative variations Brett, thank you for another amazing class!
Thank you!! Awesome step up variations or long (challenging) holds. Great class great cues and great sense of humor!
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Wow. Amazing and challenging. Thank you ☺️
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