Strong Mat Variations
Brett Howard
Class 3231

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Challenging and vigorous! Thank you!
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Great challenge; not for men, only:) Brett is great; Romana's touched, classical, creative:)
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LOVE that you are back!!! I love your challenges!!
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Absolutely faboulos ;fun ,hard ,love your cuing ; thanks a lot
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Tough,love it! Great class! Thank you, Brett! Always with humor and fun! XOXO…….more please!
bzzz bzzz nice class bzz bzz
Loved it! It's nice to see your variations with the guys. Would love to see more videos which target men and their issues.
talk about a killer workout, you are mean!! ;) but I do feel great now, I needed that so much, thank you!
Another perfect class from Brett! Thank you for making these 50 minute classes and incorporating great challenges, variations and transitions :)
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