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Lolita San Miguel
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Joanie, Madeline Black also taught a foot class for us recently. And Lolita just came again emphasizing the footwork. Both will take a bit longer before they're up, but they're coming! Thank you for the feedback!
Yes, please... more footwork! I've always been a fan!
Madeline Black's foot class went live a few minutes ago. It's a good one! Foot Class
Lolita, thanks for this amazing class. There is so much footwork on reformers, but hardly anybody is thinking about feet in a matt class. I'd love to see more of these.
Although it would be great to focus the camera to your feet while demonstrating certain exercises.
Thank you Lolita - very informative and important teachings, brought to us in a serious but fun way. Appreciations. More footwork please - it is so important that our foundations are good
What a wonderful reminder of how the feet relate to your posture. I love the rubber band idea and will try it! Thanks!!!
Good, basic information that you can use without any equipment, although I appreciate her showing the Foot Corrector and the Toe Stretcher.
So, question? You can use the rubber band & the machine to do the exercises vs doing the exercises on the mat? Reason I ask, I have a sister with major probs in her feet. She has neurothapy and has already had injections ( i know ewww... and know she wont be repeating that painful procedure) I know her well enough to know she wont do foot exercises on her own. I thought it might be easier for her to use the band and the machine while watching tv or something. Might make a great gift for her. Anybody got thoughts or reccomendations for the machine? I have never even seen it demo. Does it come with a instructional dvd or book? Thanks guys.
Oops ..sorry for the misspell on the word neuropathy
I don't think the foot corrector is that easy to find. Try balanced Body or Gratz... I know it isn't cheap. I think that's why Lolita recommends the band is this video. I'm not sure if they have a dvd. Last I knew, they didn't.
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