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Denise any will do.  In my opinion, the ones with the handles are easier to use than the ones without and the metal one is extra difficult.
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Thank you so much! This start was very helpful for me, especially with my weakness caused by all changes with illness and treatments. I will continue EVERY day! All the best, Christiane (Munich, Germany)
Christiane F YAY!  Let me know how you go!!
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Hi Meredith, I have a question. I am recovering from shoulder and elbow tendinitis. Have been enjoying a lot of your Level 1 and Back to Basics classes, they are brilliant! Do you think this challenge would be safe for me to try with some modifications? Thank you for your thoughts!
Hi Lynn C!  This is a mixed level challenge and there is definitely some arm challenges.  That being said, if you listen to your body and modify and/or omit when needed, I think you can do it.  It is certainly a jump up from the basic classes and I can't promise there won't be pushups.
Please let me know how you go if you decide to give it a go.  I'm happy to help with modifications!!
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Meredith, thank you so much for your quick response, really appreciate it. Will download this program and let you know if I need some advice on modifications ☺️. If it looks too challenging, then I will just continue practicing your wonderful Basics/Level 1 lessons until I am recovered. These lessons have been an absolute lifeline for me these past few months. ❤️
Lynn C That makes me so happy to hear.  We all need a lifeline in these moments.  Please let me know how you go with the challenge!
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