Athletic Reformer Flow
Maria Leone
Class 3362

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Great class. I sure felt it! Lol I will be looking for more!
Maria, you look great! I loved this class and really nice clear simple delivery and explanation:)
Maria - This was really a great workout. Almost on every exercise there was a take away for me. There was either a new way of approaching the exercise or a cue that helped deepen the movement. The brisk pace at the start got things really going and set the stage for all to folllow. The ending was very unique and a great way to close. Thanks for sharing!
This was fun, I really enjoyed it. Thank you Maria
great class and not to mention great leggings! thank you
Loved this challenging class!!!!
Liked the cues, variations, and challenge
Really enjoyed this! Some fabulous variations. I especially loved the lunge on the box! Thank you.
Beautiful class! Loved it!
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