Reformer for Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
Class 3374

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Love this class.  Feel so refreshed.
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Ahhhh this is just what I needed! Thanks so much! Also loved the theraband warm up! Might use that in my may class later xx
Great class! Thank you
I love this sequence, I often come back to it thx!
Loved this! Thank you Tracy!!!!
I pulled a little muscle in my back and thought that this class sounded like what I needed - it was brilliant, wonderful gentle stretching and my back is so much better - thank you Tracey!
Loved this stretching class and instructor. 
I think this is something I could do each day for the feel good factor.
One of my favorite instructors. Thank you for
Sharing. Love the mermaid variation 
Tracy, loved the class! I had to share this photo with you. This is one of my precious clients who was 76 years young when I took this photo of her. She's now 80 and has no trouble keeping up in her private sessions with her daughter who is an aerial acrobat and dancer. :D 
That felt amazing! Thank you!
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