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Jennifer Golden
Class 3394

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Thank you soo much, i wish you the best.
It is so nice to see you back; I love your classes, especially the short ones. You always manage to pick out the best moves to get us going when we think we just don't have it in us; the truth is we do have it in is, but uncovering it is often the challenge. This class (like all your others) just keeps building so we can finish and feel quite accomplished. Getting on the mat is often the hardest, but you make it impossible to say no! Thank you for persisting, insisting, motivating, instructing and sharing.
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Thank you for this fabulous class, I loved the variety and the building of each excercise. Having nursed many patients such as yourself I realise that the physical tiredness makes it difficult to get motivated to excercise but also the mental exhaustion. You are truly inspiring and I wish you a full recovery
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Perfect! So great to see you this morning, Jennifer! I really loved this full-body mix, and your always-helpful imagery and description of movements. An awesome start to my day. I love you!
So wonderfull class! Thank you!
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Lovely class. Imagery worked perfectly. I felt beautifully accompanied throughout. Going to replay your gorgeous and seamless transition to prone position the first time . Sinuous.
Lovely class. Thank you. Hope you ride strong for 40 + more years
I loved this flow. I haven't logged in for a while and couldn't ask for a better class resume back to practice 💗
Wow!Jennifer, I did not think i could do it this morning with my niggling pain in the lower back since Wednesday, but I did it and loved it. My back feels awesome too. Thank you for such a cleaver class and the your special way to get moving. Thank you gratefully! Svitlana
Love this class and hope to see more classes from you Jen.
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