Creative Tower Progressions
Melissa Connolly
Class 3427

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Great flow, lovely variations! I really enjoyed the class!
I like it, thank you
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I loved it!! great class
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I love the arm springs. We are limited on space so it's a nice way to get to use these exercises without having to try to move the machine around!
This was a great tower class. Love all the variations and use of the springs. Thank you.
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I loved this class for several reasons: The minimal spring changes, clear instruction and I didn't have to move my tower. I too don't have enough room to get all the way around my tower. THANKS!! I will come back to this again and again.
Great fun class...creatively tough
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Awesome class! Very challenging. Thank you:)
Beautiful start to finish, within reach but had to work for some of that balance standing spring work.
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Got some great ideas here seated arm work standing arm work and standing on the block to work the glutes was great ! Good energy thanks!
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