Engaging the Glutes<br>Diane Severino<br>Tutorial 3442

Engaging the Glutes
Diane Severino
Tutorial 3442

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Seriously Diane I so look forward to your videos.. Just goes to show you can get a great workout and still laugh and have fun !!! Bravo ....
You are awesome and funny. I remember the tucking of the 70's great explanation and loved it.
Love this. My own teacher has been working with me on this and I didn't realize just how TIGHT my hips had become because my glutes weren't firing. Great explanation and what a great sense of humor! I love your attitude.
I'm squeezing as I'm typing! Love your energy!
Shaughan D
Very good explanation. I realize I didn't squeeeeeeze enough or correctly. Thanks, will work on this.
Thank you!! I tend to think of the sides of my butt and not the area you pointed out, where it meets the hamstrings. I also tend to tuck and squeeze. This was very helpful. And entertaining!!!😊
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Love this lady. Super true
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Utterly brilliant!
Love it!
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