Building Up to High Bridge<br>Kathy Corey<br>Tutorial 3472

Building Up to High Bridge
Kathy Corey
Tutorial 3472

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Becky C
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“From the throat” is a wonderful cue! And the lift from the centre instead of the arms is sure to turn my can’t into a can. Thank you!
I hope there are many more to go in this series. Superior teacher and Sarah is a rockstar! Thank you both.
Absolutely amazing !!! Thank you for share it with us.
Lori ~ There are 2 more videos in this series that we hope you enjoy as well!
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Very much enjoyed and looking forward to try.
Master demonstration
Looking forward to see more of these step by step exercises to master the tricky ones
Amazing, an absolute joy to watch. Thank you.
Love the way you teach the body in front of you!
Beautiful master class :)))
Caroline M
So beautiful. I loved this class. Thanks
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