Get Sweaty Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3486

Get Sweaty Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 3486

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What a Amazing Class! Simple Precise Cueing! I was sweaty for sure!
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This class kicked my butt! I am definitely saving it to repeat going forward -- loved how fast-paced, challenging and well-instructed it is. And Colleen was amazing!
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Awesome class!!!!
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Wow !
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Great class extremely challenging!
Jimena L
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Definitely much harder than other 2/3 classes. Should be a level 3, had to quit as I wasn't able to keep form.
Wow ! It was so challenging and my future goals are on the horizon !! Managed 70% of it and so good for me to get a kick up the butt to keep working harder with self practice. Cueing was great & energy thank you and amazing Coleen 😉 🙏
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Jimena ~ Thank you for your feedback. Deciding the level can be challenging as it is very subjective. After reviewing this class, we have decided to keep it as a level 2/3 because these exercises are a great challenge but still safe for an advanced intermediate student.
Nadine D
Hi Monica ! Thanks for the awesome class, I loved it. Question for you, the only thing I didn't attempt was the 'balance control into arabesque', I practice just on a yoga mat, is it possible to do this exercise without a raised mat? haha I just watched it with my jaw dropped :P what a cool move! would love to give it ago. 
Robin S
next time someone tells me MAT is not a real workout......Imma gonna make them do this fantastic workout 
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