Building Your Star<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3498

Building Your Star
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3498

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Love your cues and transitions, Kathryn! Don't have the high chair for the side "merperson" stretches but it was still delicious to watch! Hmmm, maybe I can try to use the wunda chair against the cadillac roll down cross bar to achieve those stretches? Thank you for a lovely class.
Jill you can totally do them against the wall !!!! Let me know how it goes. I just taught a workshop and we used some Wunda this way! Thank you and 😉
Theresa thank you and I love your Picture! Love the soreness!!!!!
Thanks for your wonderful explanations and cues for all of us who aren’t instructors. It really ties it all together for me.
Lori Thank you for your feed back! It is so important that I know that my cues work for all pilates lovers!!!!!!
Ana S
Kathryn Ross-Nash I love everything about this class! You are a truly Pilates Star! Please keep on sharing your "never filmed" gems PLEASE!
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This is the real KRN. Super smart, sassy, generous and inspirational as always. Love the way this is filmed with the split screen so you can soak up extra details. OK, I've watched it, now I'm going to have to do it!
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Kathy,  this video is so helpful for me as a student and as a teacher.  Your instruction was so thorough and clear and loved that you included  how to get on and off the chair for each exercise.  Also love that even though this is an advanced level class there is something in it for everyone.  So much I can use for my beginners!  And your hair looks AMAZING!
Randi! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen the foundational Mat series? I love this series for beginners! I will be filming the reformer foundational series next week!
Valeria P
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This class is just amazing! Thank you!!!
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