Moving Environments Mat<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Class 3512

Moving Environments Mat
Jared Kaplan
Class 3512

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I just took your class. It’s fantastic. I’m roasted.
<evil laugh> <evil laugh> <evil laugh> Though it starts out small and slow, #TheRoastisReal by the end! Hope you enjoyed Monika W ...and just wait until tomorrow! ;)
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This class is so amazing. It takes a lot of skill to teach a very strong class with a gentle approach. I really feel the body loves when we get the brain out of auto pilot and have it participate. And the body loves to be challenged without aggression. Thank you, Jared Kaplan for sharing your gifts with us!
You nailed it Angela : small input for big motion means the brain and the body have to *work!* Those challenges are the placse where transformation and change occur- not the mundane auto-pilot of familiarity! What I love about this particular series is it harnesses recognizable patterns + exercises we know and love while approaching them (gently yet with strength, as you said) in fresh ways. Thanks for sharing your comment, and it's my pleasure to teach!
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Thank you Jared and P/A for this wonderful class, I have enjoyed instructor creative work exploring and moving the body with rotational movements.
This ideas will assist clients with pathologies too, thanks again. Svitlana
You're so welcome Svitlana! It's a fun mix, and I'm glad you can see the possibilities for taking these principles and applying them to your own work with any body.
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Awesome, Thank you for Feldenkrais approach.

I use it a lot, and with the infinite number of moves, there is always something new.

Looking forward to more of your classes.
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Thank you! My body really enjoyed these small yet BIG challenges!
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You're so welcome Ileana and Rebecca ! Synthesizing all that I've studied, including the Feldenkrais-inspired technique I used in this class, is one of my passions and strengths. I've also learned through experience that sometimes its the smallest adjustment that yields the biggest change. Hope you continue to enjoy the new spin on old classics!
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Great cues and so many exercises that were new to me! Definitely going to try to integrate these principles into my classes. This one started slow but then quietly pushed pretty hard. Thanks Jared!
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