Mobilizing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3550

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Kandie A sending positive vibes your way.  Grounding and resetting is a must.
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I think this is my favorite class on Pilates Anytime! I love everything about it from the warm-up to the cool-down and everything in between. Thank you! 
Denise J that is a big compliment!!  Thank YOU.
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We have a nor'easter in Maine today and I woke up with a stiff back and hips.  This was a lovely way to start my day and loosen up.  Thank you for your beautiful class and your lovely and calming energy.
Thank you Samaris M!!  Glad to be of service.  
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I'm rehabbing some bicep tendonitis/rotator cuff unfun stuff, and this was a nice way to work on shoulder mobility without adding undue stress on the shoulder. Thanks Meredith.
Susannah R glad it worked for you!!
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Love love love u and your classes! ♥️👏🏻Have a great day😍
Jill Y so sweet!! Thank you.
This is a BEGINNER CLASS, so if you're not a beginner do not waste your time. Meredith as a FAB teacher so choose another class. Also, Pilates Anytime should really update the tag to BEGINNER. Thank you! 
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