Mat Fusion Combinations
Courtney Miller
Class 3575

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Fun fun fun! Courtney can we have weekly fun classes☺️☺️🙏
I'm only 20 mins into this class and already commenting to say how much I love it!
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Courtney , you are awesome! Always fun, always challenging and innovative!
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As usual, LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thanks Courtney!
What a great class, so challenging, but still so flowing! I have to put in into my favourites right away. Thanks Courtney!
Fantastic class. It's always a plasure to see your class💚Thank you so much Courtney
Great! More please. More Courtney, more mat fusion 🙏
Love Courtney. Thank you from Bonnie Scotland 🙏
Whoo - one of my favorite mat classes ever! Loved the core work combinations!
That was fantastic. Thank you Courtney. Love your combinations and ideas. So creative. xx
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