Mat Fusion Combinations
Courtney Miller
Class 3575

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what a class! perfect for "warming up" (read sweating) on a cold winter morning... loved the feeling of the butterfly bridge and that was my first successful tripod! woohoo
LOved all the fun, new things!
Love the end!!!
Great! Indeed, the last words are true with the last excercise! It looks almost impossible:) but iT can be done🤸‍♀️
You're an inspiration for sure! Loved this class. Pilates of Pittsford loves Courtney
Love this class! Fun, creative, great flow, and really precise cues. Tripod was so well set up that I found I could do it! I also really liked the jumps.
Wow, loved the creative combos! Thank you so much !! Also one of my favourite mat classes so far xx
Thank for the well needed empowering workout!!!
I love your classes Courtney! Tks!!!
This class is wonderful!! I have watched 3x and love it!!
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