Mat Fusion Combinations
Courtney Miller
Class 3575

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Slower paced and exceptionally well cued class. Not super hard or easy, but doable.  I loved the handstand prep. I loved the tripod headstand at the end. Good mix of styles. Thanks again Courtney:) 
The more I take Courney's classes, the more I appreciate her warm-hearted, funny, mildly teasing sense of humor. I just half to laugh sometimes. I really love this class. It's a good workout and a lot of fun. I am fairly good at the tripod pose and the crow pose. So I often start in crow, bend until my head touches the floor, and extend into a handstand. I have fun doing that. I don't do a lot of headstands anymore, because I don't think they are that great for your spine. But once in a while it's a nice treat. Thanks again Courtney:) 
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Courtney  - I LOVE your creativity.  It inspires me to continue to find new ways to bring imagination and fun into our mat classes.   Thank you
I lovde IT! I have had fatigue for 3  mnd ,just down......BUT THIS WAS FUN
Courtney, this is amazing! Thank you so much!! xoxo
Amazing class! Thank you for the playtime Courtney! 
What a great class.  So engaging on many levels!  
Wonderful class Courtney I love the combination of Pilates and Yoga :) x x
Enjoyed the combination of Pilates, yoga and fitness!  Courtney’s instructions are very clear which makes it easy to follow without looking at screen and I left empowered  by my headstand. Thank you
Thank for hand stand! Amazing energy thanks for lightness breaks
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