Day 8: High Intensity
Tracey Mallett
Class 3595

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Another mind and body challenge for me! I really look forward to repeating this challenge now that I get some of the choregraph. 8 down 2 to go. Can’t wait.
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This was such a great workout! I keep thinking this is my favorite of the series, then the next day comes along!
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Thanks for the short but effective blast 👍🏻
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I really love your workouts, they are so thorough and well choreographed. Thank u, my abs are showing again after the holidays. I do hope there comes a version without "music".
They keep getting better and better. Love the music on this one. Thank you!
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On the whole nicely paced and enjoyable but for us oldies the transitions are sometimes a tiny bit too fast ( it takes me longer than a nano second to move from butterfly to one leg extended to the side)! Also a chair or wall doesn’t work with the first ab exercise on the mat. Not a complaint, just constructive criticism. 👍🏼
Loved it!
Love! Very fun.
Wow. A complete workout, yes!!
About the first abs exercise: I don't own a bar, so I did some other exercise during that segment while trying to think of a good substitute... I thought of a step ladder, but... no. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
Wow that was challenging but at the same time so much fun! Thank you!!!
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