Day 8: High Intensity
Tracey Mallett
Class 3595

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This is going so well for me, Tracey--I was feeling a little low energy this morning but I keep remembering what you said in an earlier class: "You have to start somewhere." That is so incredibly motivating! Thank you!
Excellent! The class went by so fast!
I can really feel the progression from Day 1. Thank you
This was a fabulous 10 days!!! What an asset to my new routine!! Challenging and fun all at the same time!!! LOVED it! More please!! :)
Awesome! Loving this challenge, love all your PA workouts! Thank you!
Full body workout in 30 min! Lots of my very favorite bootybarre moves in this one. Challenging.
Loved the workout! However, I don't have a bar at home and had to modify the first abs exercise. But the rest was awesome!!!
Very challenging, but feels a lot better the second time around! I have gotten sore muscles every time I do a class in this work-out. Second time around I have the choreography more down pat and I'm stronger, so I'm working harder.
Great, fun workout, Tracey! This 64 1/2 year old is hanging in there with you!
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