Glute-Focused Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3673

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Thank you. I needed that.
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It was just peachy and a great glut workout.
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great Amy! thank you
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Thank You for the beautiful workout and thank you for just being you. Carmen
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You are so adorable. Thanks for the “peach pants” workout!
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This is a great class. I have used some of the basic sequences in my mat classes and we all feel our glutes the next day. Thank you for adding the Notes/exercise section. Is this a new feature? So helpful!
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So hard to find good glute and hip strengthening work. Loved it and will definitely incorporate it into my classes. Loved the new format for this class too, with the notes. So helpful!
Thank you, Amy. I have not watched yet, but I am always trying to build in glute work, so I am looking forward to it...and will do it now. I noticed that you have the notes for this class. Thank you. Have I not noticed this before with other classes? I do wonder if there are other classes with notes as I find this helpful for many reasons. If there are others, is there a flag or something beside the class so that we can know if there are notes with it. I will help those of us teachers who do a workout and then go through it and make our own notes to help integrate some of the work in our classes. It may not be a better way (using the teacher's notes) but it would certainly cut down some of our prep time. Please let me know.
The notes/exercises feature is something we just added and this is one of the first classes to get it. More coming soon! Once we get more of these done, we will be adding a flag and an easy way to find classes with notes. Thanks for the feedback!
Thank you Ted for filling us in on the new Notes / exercises feature! This is very exciting !!
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