Articulate Feet and Hands<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3692

Articulate Feet and Hands
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3692

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Thank you, Elizabeth, for your wonderfully stimulating and soulful work. Absolutely love all your sessions. This one was much needed and appreciated!
Thank You Jill for appreciating my classes. This efficient yet comprehensive sequence is intended to facilitate Grounding, Centering, and Ease.
I could say so much about the importance and symbolism of this work but only you, Elizabeth can articulate it in such a delightful and slightly comedic manner. Movement Life is fun!
I’m with you Terri! As significant and seriously important as movement is, why not enjoy humor along the way 😉
Esther B
I enjoyed waking up my feet with this. However, it's actually what I practice and teach in my Gyrokinesis classes for years and I feel the origin of this work should be acknowledged as Gyrokinesis material. It is not coming from Pilates. Thanks for including it here though.
Thank you Esther for your perspective. Although some of the sequences are similar to those taught by Juliu Horvath in Gyrokinesis I first learned related sequences in the seventies and eighties during contemporary dance classes and in my four year Feldenkrais training. I agree that one should always credit one’s sources when teaching someone else’s work. In this class I am neither copying Gyrokinesis, nor Feldenkrais. The familiar and novel sequences are taught from my current perspective on the neuromyofascial system.
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Thank you, Elizabeth, you are such a powerful, graceful, articulate practitioner. I always glean from your work- sequencing, phrasing, imagery and deliberate clarity.
Esther B
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for explaining. Yes, anyway we have only one body to work with and methods correlate of course. I was just reminded of gyrokinesis awakening of the senses. I enjoyed your sequence and the standing exercise in the end was totally new to me. Thank you!
As you said Esther, ‘we have only one body to work with’. Whether the genius of JH Pilates, Juliu Horvath, Moshe Feldenkrais, Yoga pioneers or our many teachers, each body may benefit.🙏
Many thanks Eureka.. It’s my experience that there is value in specificity when precision encourages flow and well being. ‘Everything matters, it is a matter of to whom and how much’
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