VIIT Reformer<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3698

VIIT Reformer
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3698

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My entire mind and body loved this class. It is one that sneaks up on you as I feel the recoil still running through my system after finishing. Love it!!! Looking forward to more.
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I love this class! I have a question: can I use the exercises proposed in this class even if there is a surgery for a removal of a cervical hernia? The surgery took place more than 10 years ago.Thank you for your reply.
Maria Rosa, wise of you to screen the appropriateness of this class for the condition you describe. In all situations it is responsible to act within scope of practice guidelines. As a movement educator I seek guidance from clinical professionals in physical therapy, osteopathy and medical specialities.
Some of the movement sequences in this class that may cause concern include impact in supine, impact in quadruped, impact in side lying, cervical rotation in quadruped, partial inversion with weight bearing on the upper thoracic spine. I appreciate your question. Very best to you.
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Thank you Elizabeth for another great class! I'll be using some of these new movements with our clients this week. Your thoughtful and innovative movement sequences are a true gift!
I have an Allegro on the floor and substituted two widely rolled up mats on the floor for the box on the side of the carriage for the kneeling rotational work. Nice for the knees, and felt pretty flush to carriage surface.
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Thank you for this class so good to be able to revisit some of the moves that you taught on your Australian tour and to be able to practice with this and your other recent videos. Love your work!
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This was deceptively intense. I feel very long and supple and well worked afterwards. Thank you.
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That was downright intriguing! Thank You!
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What a wonderful moment I spent with you two! Thank you!😃
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Elizabeth, You are such a breath of fresh air just when I feel that my teaching is going stale! You give me such great ideas on how to incorporate fascial research into movement. Thank you for inspiring us (and giving us permission) to be more creative in our teaching.
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