Restorative Foam Roller
Amy Havens
Class 3701

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Amy Havens Thank YOU Amy!
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You're welcome Maura R !
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This gem is in my diary now as a go to when I know I should move but cant get motivated.  As someone said already, I feel really tingly and grounded.  The day will go better. thanks
I love this, thank you Cynthia G !!
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Thank you for this class! I like your voice and your tone, it is relaxing! 
Thank you Gabrielle B , I'm glad you found this relaxing, my voice too.  
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thank you so much, me, my back and I!
PARASKEVI M you bet!!
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After a day of traveling in the car yesterday, this was exactly what I needed to recharge my spine, reboost my motivation and remind myself that everybody has down moments when we just don’t feel like it. But it’s our choice to either stay in that zone or get down on the floor, move gently and reawaken our bodies. Thank you Amy for this wonderful class 🦋
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Sarah R thank you for 1. taking this class for yourself and your own restoration and 2. taking the time to leave this comment and recognizing that gentle movement can be the most perfect antidote!
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