VIIT Reformer 2
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3703

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The jumps were really interesting -I liked the visual of a "match strike" - and agreed with Amy that my abdominals have really woken up in different areas during the z jumps. I don't have a Bosu, so used a sit fit- very wobbly/and a rotating wobble board to try to do the same set of work. Laughter is definitely a good accompaniment !! for those Bosu moves- usually we are so supported and this balance control feels so great for the brain! Looking forward to doing it with the suggested music too. Thanks Elizabeth. Off to practise before I show any clients!!
Caroline B, another option for Bosu substitute if necessary would be two wobble boards. Wickedly difficult. Wise of you to practice before clients👍
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Fabulous Class Lady Elizabeth and Joyful Amy! I loved the questions and explanations especially about the 'elbow' bend during straight arm plank series. I tried bending my elbow and feeling the how my serratus and thoracic side disengaged. This gives me such a lift in bettering my instruction in class. Also loved the reference material! I will be revisiting PA classes and reading the articles. The Music recommendation is a great bonus!! The Police hold a special place in my heart, classical and symphony are so helpful when concentration is needed. My tri-pod both on the bosu and off are in need of I was like a sad dog quite a bit in the series, cueing to lift that suspended leg and engage it was essential and helped me greatly! Appreciate you both very much!
Greta Martin Thank you for your comments and appreciation of this class 🙏💐🙏
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Fantastic, loved it. Small details, big challenge. Much fun. Thank you Elizabeth.
Thank You Sara! Much appreciation for your comments
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Thank you Elizabeth and Amy- loved this class! -felt like the elephant on a tiny ball at the circus but oh my, it was a challenge💜 love your sense of “stealth” humor too. “High novelty, low risk” is a lot of fun and quite revealing for strength and balance inequities
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Was wonderful - completed on the Oov - only item I had at the time. But was interesting figuring out hand positions and added challenge of the diagonals on it:) Thank you Elizabeth and Amy!
Heather I admire your adventurousness on the Oov. It is possible that using two oovs would be preferable - one for the hands and one for the knees. You might try that when a BOSU is not available.
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First I watched, then actually did this class. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing not just this but all your groovy stuff!
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