Creative Mat Combinations
Carrie Pages
Class 3704

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Dear Carrie Pages:
I really enjoyed your variations.
May I ask you if there is any particular reason or reasoning as to why:
1. You have the palms of your hands facing each other for the Roll Up?
2. In the Single Leg Pull you placed both hands just on/below the knee?
Thank you and hope to hear from you.
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Some nice combinations. Nice teacher. Don’t know how this is mod and not del pace. A lot of talking/explaining. left needing more without the time for it. not what expect from 2/3 mod rating. Need to review rating for higher level classes. it is not very scientific/consistent.
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I.e some del rated classes are flowing
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Jessica ~ Thank you for your feedback. We generally rate the difficulty based on safety rather than intensity. This class includes exercises like Bicycle and Scissors which are more advanced exercises. Deciding the level and pace can be difficult because it is subjective and we try to be as consistent as we can. I hope this helps!
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Difficult to watch due to all the position changes. Had to stop it several times to reposition my iPad.
Hi Nina! Thanks so much for taking the class. I actually think I've always turned my palms forward just out of habit. It's not a conscious position. As for Single Leg Pull I tend to simplify the exercise by placing the hands together rather than ankle/knee. I'm so glad you enjoyed the workout!
Hi Katrin. I'm sorry about that and I bet that was a pain! Thanks for taking the class!
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It was refreshing to see another teacher have slight difficulty with a slow, articulated roll-up. I've been doing Pilates for 10 years and have the same problem due to my almost flat spine but abs are strong enough. Any other reasons people might have?
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Excited to add some creativity to my mat routine. Great tip: stnd in your muscle don’t hang in your joints.
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I loved it! Enjoyed the creativity of the movements. I feel one inch longer!
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