Creative Reformer/Tower
Carrie Pages
Class 3706

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I, too, used the Sideovers with the Push-thru in my classes, and they were a huge hit! So many people—including me—tend to hang in the low back doing these or overrecruit the outer hip and QL. This way helped them feel safe and successful, and they were more connected when they took the bar away. I will probably always introduce this exercise this way since I have RTCs in my studio. Thank you for sharing your teaching “secrets.”
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I love the reformer tower combo! I loved this class, it was very challenging and I love Carries teaching style. I will add it to my favourites. I did find a lot of equipment chmages slowed it down a bit but I'm sure next time I'll be faster! 😊💗
Wow that was super fun and challenging! I love using the tower and Reformer combo and found jumping back to catch the poles to be quite challenging. My arms and tight shoulders felt this the whole time! I look forward to doing this again! Thanks for sharing!
I did get a good workout and had so much fun!  Look forward to teaching it.  
super fun!! really challenging and FUN 
Thanks Carrie, so fun! I learned so much and I enjoyed the pace of the class. 
Enjoyed this Tower/Reformer workout.  Great class incorporating both pieces of equipment.  
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