Stretchy Feel-Good Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3768

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Now Im stretched :D thank you Meredith Rogers 
Thank you all for your positive feedback!
I am so happy that you enjoyed this class.
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Thank you so much Meredith Rogers have done this class multiple times, mainly after a run, cycle or weight training and it has helped so much with my recovery the following day...... ❤️❤️
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Thank you for this class! Loved the calmness of your voice.
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Already finished! It went by so fast! A nice stretching routine! Thank you!
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Really loved the stretches. Thank you! Do you think that with those great hamstring stretches it IS possible to achieve a straight leg one day?
Thanks everyone!!
Darren great to hear and good idea!!
Jenny I would sure like to hope so!!
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What can i say other than Fabulous! recovering from knee surgery, not allowed to do cardio or anything too strenuous... this was perfect to sweep those cobwebs out! thanks so much 🙂😊😀
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This was the perfect day after run stretch...thank you!  
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Thank you for this Meredith. It was the perfect way to recover from Amy Havens chair workshop in Witney yesterday. I so needed the stretch this morning as everywhere was feeling it.  This will be stored in favourites for future use 🥰
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