Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3795

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Thanks everyone!!  Simple is my favorite.
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another awesome pilates anytime video.  this workout is full body and great!
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Thank you Meredith for a wonderful class! 🙏🏻 Such a nice flow. Felt so good moving through the body.
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Great class! Definitely challenging - good stability and ab work!
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Thank you Meredith!! This was my first Reformer class with you and it was an absolute joy!. I have just bought 3 Reformers form my little studio, and I cannot wait to get stuck into your Reformer back catalouge.  Thank you!
Laura I am so excited for you to do that as well!
Thanks for your feedback and congratulations on your new reformer!!
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Genius! love it, thank you!
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This class is a great flow...challenging at times but doable.  My first class with Meredith...first add to my playlist!
Thanks ladies!!
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