Simple Wunda Chair
Blossom L.
Class 3885

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Love this! Great cueing . Love your skills and knowledge
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LOVE this class! Its those tiny details that are so fantastic- attention to intention. Thank you Blossom
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Thanks for the great quick workout! Thread the needle was wonderful๐Ÿ˜Š
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This was wonderful. Deceptively simple. I feel it all over!
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I really enjoyed this. However some of the variations (thread the needle and tricep sit) were new to me and I didn't get the verbal cuing and only realised I was doing it all wrong when I glanced at the screen.
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I'm thinking about neutral foot. Can you said a little more abou it.please.
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You are way too funny/cute..great directions and personality..xo
Great flow and transitions between positions, would work well for a group class!
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Blossom, this is for everyone! I'm a Pilates teacher and what a lovely way to start anything. I feel amazing. Thanks for this! Sometimes the things that may not be instagram worthy are simply everything. xo
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Fun and the thread the needle felt delicious 
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