Simple Wunda Chair<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 3885

Simple Wunda Chair
Blossom L.
Class 3885

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Great workout! It feels so good to go back to basics, to give attention to every little detail...Very inspiring. Thank you  Blossom Leilani!!
Ahhhhh Blossom, you were my self care half hour guru today! That Tricep Press woke up my whole shoulder girdle and freed up my neck. Back at college with many hours on computer so that exercise will be one of my salvations this year x
Samina M
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Really liked your teaching style!
What's not to love! As always just what I needed. Thanks Blossom xx
Cheryl S
why not use a yoga block under the opposite arm so they are equal in balance? 
Alana M
I really liked this class. It is now in my queue.
Ember Hopkins
Thank you for giving some great cues! Such a great class.
Samantha S
I loved these variations and the implementation of some mat exercises with the chair apparatus. 
Lauren G
I love the mindfulness you bring to every exercise and every cue. Thank you!
Katherine W
Really great class!! Thanks so much. 
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