Extension Reformer<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 3914

Extension Reformer
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3914

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Loved the workout, your energy, and clear cueing.....As Always!  Thank you for sharing your gift.
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Beautiful flow! Your knowledge.... Your cues, your sense of humor, such a joy😍 Can’t wait to teach it Thank you dear Benjamin for sharing
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Love this class, thanks!
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What a lovely, sweaty mess that left me. Exactly what I needed. As someone that believes I “extend” my spine pretty well, this took it to a whole new level. Much more integrated, with no dumping into my low back like I sometimes do. Oh, and that tendon stretch was no joke!! Thank you as always for your amazing cues. I will definitely be revisiting. Xoxo
Ha Bowtell
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Love your full energy voice and your cues Benjamin 🌟😍
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Loved this! Especially the back stroke teaser combo!
Jennifer W
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This was a great class Benjamin! I will be feeling it in a good way tomorrow! Loved the archival rowing and backstroke into Teaser! I will be revisiting this class! Thank you! Xoxo
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Enjoyed this workout and Benjamin’s energy is lovely! Thank you!
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