Advanced Mat Flow
Saul Choza
Class 3946

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Sharon those Amazon warriors are everything. Thank you! 
Paraluman thank you! 
This class is definitely added to my favorites! Great cues and precise  instruction...really kept me on my toes! Thank you, Saul :>))))
Agree with everyone, this class was amazing! I truly enjoyed it especially the closing exercises and breathing
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Your class is such a fun but very thorough workout, thank you, Saul! The classical breathing exercises at the end are gold for me too - I haven't been introduced to those before.
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Loved the archival, strong Joe standing and breathing exercises at the end. Good to revisit the traditional order with all our choices. Many thanks.
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Love this love Saul Choza Amazing teacher :)
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What an incredible class!!! 🙌🏼🤩 loves the workout & the instructor
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Love this! Thank you
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