Buns and Guns Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3974

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Rena  -- I want to specifically thank you for your thoughtful attention to specifics in your comment to me in terms of what elements really hit home for you.  This is so important to share with me... but also for others to read and hear so that they may go back and check into what that feeling might be for themselves.  I taught the class, but you've also offered a shared teaching moment.  Thank you Rena, Happy New Year to you and hope that magic finds us all!!
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Brilliant class thank you. Feeling strong and centred x 
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Fabulous as always Amy. Always love your classes and energy! Thank You!
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Joy of movement with Amy🙏🙏 happy new years PA, i feel very lucky for you and this platform.
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Happy New Year Nicola Clare Z A !!  thank you for taking class with me!!
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Loved the centered strength work between the "buns" and "guns"! 
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Great class Amy!!  Super strong and intentional.   Loved it, not only for myself but also to share with my students!!  Thank you again for always inspiring me to be a better teacher. 
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Great Class! Thanks Amy
Great class!  Especially the side lying glute work.  Thank you for cueing how to lift the side waist by stretching sit bones towards the bar.  I immediately felt the correct position. I tend to over lift so this was very helpful to me.  
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Great class! I told my own classes today that it was going to be a 'hip' day and I used many of your exercises and they totally loved it. Thanks for the ideas.
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