Reformer Box Flow
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4030

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Thank you for a GREAT flow, FUN & challenging class.  
Love this for so many reasons....crazy good challenge, amazing creativity....and most importantly to me - your explanations!   Thank you thank you....will be coming back  to this one again & again...and sharing.  rockon!
Great class!  I am looking forward to sharing this with my students once we get back to reformer classes.  A great change from the matwork for me during this quarantine.  Thank you Delia.  I really like the way you teach.  Calm, strong and smart.  xo
Loved the new ways to do exercises and flow of them.  Thank you! :)
Loved this class thank you!
Great class, creative and flowy!
By far one of the best reformer workouts posted on PA!  Thank you Delia, for your creativity and wonderful flow from exercise to exercise!
That was SUCH a great class!  I will do this one over and over.  It's amazing how much more enjoyable it is to do Pilates (for me personally) when the exercises flow so nicely.  Love it.
That was so good. It made me forget for over a hour about these uncertain and anxious times. I cannot wait to do some of this with my students.
Fabulous class - thank you!
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