Day 5: Classical Flow<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4042

Day 5: Classical Flow
Carrie Pages
Class 4042

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MaryBeth C
Fantastic flow! Felt very natural. Thanks Carrie
Absolutely loved this, Carrie! Feel 100% energised - will be doing this class often.. thank you for all the lovely classes and your joyful teaching. Here's to the rest of the Challenge!
Yep I am also feeling energized! I procrastinated a little bit doing this because I knew 100s were going to be the very first exercise since it was a classical flow . Glad I got it done! 
Danielle A
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So good ! The flow and challenge concentration everything was included :) I love the part in open leg rocker when carrie said glow into it if you tense up like all hard parts will get harder - so true that’s with life too !
Thank you, enjoyed it!!
Tracey R
Loved that!! Thank you Carrie, really really great class! Can’t wait til tomorrow’s :))
Yvette O
Love love love truly was a classical flow and fast too! it was hard to keep up your like speedy gonzales!
Holly J
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This is my favorite so far. I’m up to Day 7 and have added this one after the ones for the last two days. And I finally did the 100 with legs straight and lowered. I see myself repeating this one regularly. Thanks, Carrie!
Loved it!, sweaty pilates! Feeling my lower abs after yesterdays side bending class too!
Another great class...thank you so much
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