Cardio Fun
Tracey Mallett
Class 4119

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Cardio, but non pilates. I don´t like aerobic on Pilates Anytime.
Wow!! Love your work Tracey like I said no one works you out like Tracey !
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Love that your put cardio on here it’s great to switch it up !!
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Cardio Pilates style! Fantastic!
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I enjoyed the cardio aspect.  Good to have a change. Certainly got a sweat up! 
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This was FUN!!! Even though I was a dreadful klutz. Tracy, thank you, thank you, best medicine in these stressful times.
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Really fun! I would have liked more no-impact moves as I have to care of one foot. Jumping is not that good for me. Thank you! I really loved the curtsy-side lunge and dégagé of the leg sideway!
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Fun fun Booty bar queen ! Have kids cardio class today and I think they would like need to find the music ? Any clues on the track ?
Just loved this.  So  positive and fun. Thank you, Tracey!
FUN! High five, Tracy! Thank you!
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