Cardio Fun
Tracey Mallett
Class 4119

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FUN! I like the music - fun beats without lyrics.  where can I find that?
Omg I am NOT a dancer haha! 
Love this video - thank you for the Cardio!
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Thanks Tracey. I loved this. I did this as I can't got out for a jog at the moment.  I never thought I could do cardio that also put a smile on my face (sometimes, lol) I wish it went on for a bit longer. Can you do a longer version?  I think it's great having cardio on a pilates site. It's great having an instructor who can design a heart pumping class that is also keeping in tune with the body.  Love your work. Thanks. 
Love this cardio, great workout and so fun, thanks!
Loved it but glad I wasn't in a group class.  Loved the surprises that came along.  Thanks. Pity my sound didn't sync with the moves but that didn't stop me from trying. Have a good day.
This was just great! Thanks Tracey :) 
I love this, Tracy, thank you! We need to put our Pilates practice to good, effective use for daily well-being - and this is such a fun way to do it.
I enjoyed this, too!  Tracy, you are so fun and motivational! Thank you!!
That was so much fun thank you loved it !
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