The Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4134

The Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4134

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Amy as always love your classes. Like yourself I am finding some exercises a little tricky as I get older, but I simply modify and keep moving. Thanks for the encouragement. 
On a different note, I always leave music on for my little dog  when I teach as its comforting for them. 🐶
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Thank you!  Being a retired dancer myself who came to Pilates through injury, I also go through creative, softer times. I can relate to your words.  While going through The List with you, I was again reminded why I love the mystery of the work. It's hard!  The challenge is amazing!  And like Sharon in the comment above,the exercises are a little tricky as I get older! 
Patti P
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I'm new to PilatesAnytime but not pilates. Lovely class and opened my mind back to truly thinking about pilates. Thank you.
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Big fan of Amy. Not a big fan of rollovers and each exercise had relatively few reps. No sweat. I just I added leg weights,increased the reps, & substituted here and there. I feel better and I had fun. Thanks Amy:) 
love your classes
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Thank you for the class - I so enjoyed moving through The List with you! I will definitely revisit this one. Class #1914 is one my absolute favorites and I'm happy to have this one as a longer version - more movement (& Amy) to enjoy!
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I am an addicted follower of your classes Amy; thank you so much for this and all the other classes sharing with us...I love it
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Thank you Amy! I love the cue  for  boomerang about crossing the legs not the ankles and “the wrap”. I don’t know that I have ever learned that exercise that way so thank you for that.
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Thanks Amy! This is the first time I *enjoyed* seal! It became more like rolling like a ball, which I always love, and I guess this exercise finally made sense to me. And the cue to hold ones ankles in rocker was so key, finally no knee pain on that excercise. Finally, I appreciate seeing and hearing about your modifications, as I have some of my own that I frequently implement, due to wrist issues.
Chuhang G
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This is an interesting class. I got a good workout but wish there is more flow to the arrangement of the exercises. There were too many changes in position.
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