Finding Balance
Brett Howard
Class 4187

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Love it !! Thank you ! I’m your new fan xxx 
Really enjoyed the last standing stretch and noticed improvement.
Thanks for the challenging, active workout! Love adding Brett’s classes into the mix. Can we also get some live classes from Monica at home?
I've really enjoyed this class. Although similar to the previous ones, it builds on them. I've liked the single leg with circles and the side bend series. The last exercices to balance or equalize both sides is amazing. I suppose these principles of contraction, release can be applied to different pars of the body to fix imbalances. Thank you very much!
Thanks precise well paced and fun
Brett kept it moving. I had fun and feel much better. I always appreciate the extra stretching and lengthening.  Thanks Brett:) 
I have scoliosis and the stretches at the end are fantastic! Thanks, Brett!
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Lots of fun nuggets in here-thanks!!
Thank you Brett! Love this, I got many tips! Big hug
I love this class!
It's great!
Thank you!!!
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