Advanced BASI Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 4189

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Loved how you concentrated on finding depth in each movement, made the workout really intense. I finally managed a few reps of open leg rocker with straight legs! First time ever so thanks!! 
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Amazing - thank you!
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Thanks for this great challenging class, Meredith :)) Love the BASI flow
Thanks for coming everyone and good for you Joanne!!
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Great class as usual... please come back soon!!!
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I loved this class - the precision and the lengthening and focus of each exercise. Feeling so good after this class. Thanks so much Meredith! Greetings from Germany!
Feeling energized which I am grateful for! Thank you Meredith!
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Your cueing and thinking about depth made such a difference! Thank you for another wonderful Meredith session!
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I had fun and feel much better. I always like when we do side planks and reach under cause it pops my lower back. I did sweat. Thanks again Meredith:) 
Maria I sure hope to be able to! Thank you all for your wonderful feedback!!
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