Magic Circle Basics
Kristi Cooper
Class 4204

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Thank you all for attending the class with me. Robin and Kelly, I agree with you, the ring can feel like the Reformer and if used throughout a workout can really enhance connections overall. 
Bobbie, I am so sorry for what is happening with the fires. It wasn't long ago that I was in the same situation I evacuated 5 times in 6 weeks during 2018 due to fire. It is just terrible and incredibly unsettling.
Thank you all for joining me. 
I'll be back live next week. I can't wait and hope to see you all there.  I'm planning to do Reformer on the Mat (without a ring).
Great class, thank you! ❤️ United Kingdom
Great Class - thank you!
Fabulous! Thank you  :)
I needed your class today so invigorating! Thank you Kristi!
Love the use of props while at home....more foam roller, overball, Pilates ball please! 
I really love this class. It is varies without being complex, and works every corner of your body. Another gold-star class from Kristi!! Big big thanks xo

My first time using the magic circle and this was a great introduction! Thank you.
loved it! Thank you! I really forgot all about my stressful thoughts today!
My husband has trouble using the magic circle so we used this basic to help him get more comfortable with it.  Fantastic.  He has strong legs but is weak in the upper inner thigh and really felt that in some of these exercises. 
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