Good Things Come in Three's<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4208

Good Things Come in Three's
Amy Havens
Class 4208

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Since there were only 3 reps of everything, I put my trusty leg weights on and that worked well for me. This class has a lot spinal twisting, which is something my back really benefits from. As Joe once said, "you are only as young as your spine".  Loved the spine work and the entire class. I had fun.  I feel stronger and more flexible. Thanks again Amy:) 
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Loved this class  Love Amy!
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Amy--I always enjoy your classes.  I have taken many of them over the years and I always learn something new.  Thank You!
Jacquie W
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Thanks for the class, Amy! As always, I love your attitude. I really enjoyed the rollover to teaser move.
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Another Awesome Class Amy! Thank you for doing this and being there for us❣️
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Thank you! Got to enjoy this live and it was great! 
Carina H
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Thank you for your beautiful energy, Amy. I love your classes. 
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Delicious,delicious,delicious xx thank you
Vimi Malgosia M Jordan R Jennifer A NoritaZ Anne M Pilar S Thank you all SO very much for taking the time to leave your comments for me and happy you enjoyed this class!!
Meg W Mary F Cindy K Gary M Barb R Barbara Z you all really know how to make a teacher feel appreciated!  Thank you so much!  And yes Gary M  -- ankle weights and rotation = success!!
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