Maria Earle
Class 4220

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Beautiful class Maria x
what a delicious class for my spine! thank you maria 
Perfect for this old guy's back. I really enjoy the spirit of your classes.
I've really enjoyed the class, your good mood, your cues and imagery to better feel the moves. In your opinion, is less rotation on one side the result of a muscular imbalance? I have noticed a significant difference in the butterfly exercise.(hands behind the head, elbow outside of the knee).
Wonderful! I appreciate your imagery and cueing and your personality that you bring to class!
Love your energy, love your exercises. Spine feels young again
I would have preferred to see a more gentle warm up considering the big inning of the class plunged straight into  deep ROM rotations with the torso going into side bends to TOP it off which will put the risk of rotating through the lumbar and thoracolumbar junctions due to the seated position shortening the lever at the trunk. 

A simple 5-10 mins of hip mobility and gravity assisted exercises could have been carved into the session.

Just enjoyed this class for the second time. Thank you, Maria - such a lovely start to my day. 
Thank you Maria. This felt great in my body. And I also find hip circles very challenging but you made them fun :)
I loved your infectious laugh and enthusiasm! The class was great and my back has felt so much the better for all those rotations. This is my 2nd time doing this class and I intend to keep it as my 'go to' when my back is feeling stiff and achy. Thank you!
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