Non-Stop Flow
Mariska Breland
Class 4231

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Thanks to Pilates Anytime for having me for this series. My MS was really acting up with my left leg/hip flexor on this one, so please refer to my right side if you have questions about form. ūüėė
That was lots of fun and also challenging! I never knew what was coming up, which kept me mentally alert. Thanks, Mariska, for this and all your workouts! Your form looked fine to me!
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Thank you for being so open about your MS and the fact that some days are better than others. I have scoliosis, so I also have days that are OK and some are a bit...raggedy. But we show up, and that's what counts. Loved the class.
Fantastic!  Challenging and loved the Pilates-ish of it. Thank you!!
Thank you for this class and the whole series Mariska. I really enjoy your teaching style - clear and calm, warm and good humoured. I look forward to getting on the mat with you again soon xx
Have loved this series, thank you Mariska for being so brilliant and for kicking the butt of MS.  I have used so many of your combinations in my classes and also feel confident in teaching them.....more soon please!!
Thank you Mariska I loved all your classes ,hope to see more soon
Thanks Mariska, I’ve really enjoyed all of your Pilates-ish workouts, lots of great material
Thank you Mariska! You are such an inspiration! Your creativity and choreography are amazing,  your classes really do thrill me. I love all the 'extra bits' you add to your classes. Thank you for being open about your MS, just makes you more awesome. You have inspired a lot of my classes and I love practicing your workouts. So looking forward to your next series.
Mariska Breland thank you for your classes, I've followed the whole program live and then again all the recorded lessons. I love your teaching style and hope to see other classes of yours soon! 
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