Non-Stop Flow
Mariska Breland
Class 4231

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Laurie C Thank you! Bringing the class was all Pilates Anytime - I'm glad they invited me and I am glad you liked it! xo 
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Just love it.... practicing your workout is such a great fun! Thank you !
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Thank you so much Mariska Breland, this and all other Pilatas-ish classes were amazing  🙏
Thank you. I really enjoyed the variations, and take great comfort from your wise words about not every class working out quite as we'd envisaged. If it can happen to you experts then we mere mortals can feel relief when it happens to us!
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Great work out! I found the transitions much more challenging that the exercises themselves. There were some innovative exercises I have never done before. I will definitely listen to what Mariska said at the end and will not be too hard on myself for not doing most the transitions right, just happy to be one of the "movers out there"!
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I LOVE your classes Mariska!!!! Thanks for another great one!!
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